Well, the holidays are here and I want to share what I got under the tree.  If you know me I'm all about inspiration and raw talent.  My oldest son who has a God given talent gave my husband and I this self portait he drew himself. 

I'm back...  Here is the latest and greatest inspiration that I want to share with you from my recent renovation to our mobilehome.  As you know we installed a wood burning stove but I wanted an appealing way to store the wood during the winter months. 

Here is the inspirational piece -

And this is what I came up with using a Expedit Bookshelf from Ikea -
Once winter is over I can fill up with more family photos or my artwork. 

Well, today the wood stove was installed and I'm so in love with how it turned out.  Now I get to shop for new fireplace accessories.  My contractor did a wonderful job in constructing the hearth and the installers said it made their job so easy.

Here is a pic of the rugs I got for all three rooms and I want to thank my sister for suggesting to get all three the same.

This picture says it all.

On Wednesday the demo started, I was so excited.
The crew took out the corner fireplace and I was amaze how much room was behind that wall.  A wood burning stove will be installed next week so that is why the chimney pipe is still there.

Well today I came home and the walls and ceiling were painted in both rooms (family and dining).  The laminate flooring layed and hearth for wood stove should be build on Monday.  Hopefully, I can get a piece of granite just like I got in the kitchen to put on the half wall shelf (green with phone on it).

Here is a magnetic board I created out of an extra picture frame, sheet metal (flashing) and fabric.  This will be the future home for hooks to hold our car keys.  Will be making another for the art studio. 
Well, I can't wait any longer to show off my new kitchen.  The appliances are installed and the backsplash is up.  All is left is the installation of the drawer and door pulls.

Inspirational Kitchen

My Kitchen

My near future plans is to purchase a stainless steel microwave and place it on the counter near the refrigerator.

As soon as I get everything unpacked for the studio, I will be uploading pictures.
85% complete awaiting the appliance and hood.  Hopefully, I will get all my supplies put away in the studio so I can share My Room.

Just trying to show the kids what life was like for me not too long ago.

Break time now back to work.

Backsplash goes up except for hood area.

Wall of storage (I love it).
Well, I must say that I'm at the 75% mark of completion. Just waiting on the stain to dry on the new door to the studio. The replacement cabinet, granite and appliance should be here next week than I will be finish this project.
Door to new Studio

Island and sink area in kitchen

Pantry Wall (missing one more unit)
Finally, I found a kitchen design that I fell in love with and my kitchenette area is being transformed into my studio.  Here are a few construction pics of my room.

1st day of construction (wall to left was framed & drywalled)

2nd day tile floor laid
I know it has been a while since I post last but I've been busy, made several pony bead albums for several little girls, and constructed a Twist and Wrap Tag album (another Laura Dennison design).

Recently, I was assigned a project for an upcoming retirement party and I must say it has turned out pretty darn nice.  I combined old fashion tissue flowers with nylon leaves.  I had to make 30 carnations total and I hope they appreciate my hard work.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll post a pic of the photo frames I made for the center pieces (a Martha Stewart ideal).

Also, we installed my light fixture I got from Ikea.  I love it because it shines over my head from the back. 

Well, today Termra and I decided to made a pair of beaded Barefoot Sandals.  Here is the pair that Termra made.  I need a pedicure before I model mines.

Well here is my second Tall Envelope Album I did for my sister.  I'm so glad I finish this one.  The first travel album I did for her I put on the back burner for now but love how this one came out.  Borrowed Laura's ideal of nesting the tags in the flower bed on the front cover.

I spent my time off today rearranging my desk a little.  I realized that I was not using my copic markers enough to have them on my desk so I move them to the bookcase.  To make room in the bookcase I took out one of the chubby cubbies I made a while back (markers, pencils and small tools holder).  Well, I had some strap paper left from the CrossTalk mini and this is what I did to the Chubby Cubby.

Now, all my clear containers in my studio gets the strap leftovers.