Well, over the Christmas holiday I got to finish this album I volunteered to make for our boss who is out of the office for a few months.  He loves his weekly meetings which I hardly go to but thought this would let him know that while he is absent I still don't go.  I'm going to let everyone post weekly updates to him along with pictures from the office party he missed.  I will fill out one tag just to let him know that I miss him.

Well, it has been a while since I've update my blog but hopefully I'm going to be better at this.  Anyone who knows me, I'm always updating my studio.  Here is a recent picture where I've closed off the opening between the family room and my studio with Ikea's Billy bookcases, 3 drawer chest and flat file units. 

I don't know if this was less costly than having a permanent wall put up but it sure do give me the storage that I need since I started mini album making.  Here are some pictures of the inside of some of the cabinets and drawers.

Sorry for being so long before I post.  I've been taking some online workshops and following Laura and Kathryn on Ustream.  Recently, I chaperon a school field trip to Smithsonian National Museum of American History and created a mini album for each student I chaperon.  Here are a few pics of the one I did for the only boy in our group.

As I mention last night while watching Laura on Ustream, I'm posting a few pics of my current studio layout.  I'm in the process of getting estimates for closing off this area from my kitchen since it originally was the kitchenette area (had to give up the spare bedroom to grand kids).

These two pieces are from the Ikea Varde Free Standing Kitchen line.  One is for sewing and the other is my work area.  After this room is closed off, I will be adding a countertop between the two for more suitable leg room work area.
My husband added casters for easy moving because he knows me.

This section is my color station (pens, pencils, markers, paper, etc.  I used the Ikea Malm 3 drawer dressers which were the right width for the Ikea Billy bookcases.

2 Ikea Alex drawer units stacked (need about two more).  These holds most of my paper.

Ikea Hopen 4 and 8 drawer dressers with Billy bookcases.  Left holds fabric, middle holds beads and right holds rubber stamps.

Acyclic frames holds some of my stamps and they pull out like drawers.
I received my replacement Surecut paper trimmer from Fiskars and that made my day. Starting on a paperbag album and the quality of brown paperbags do make a difference (I brought cheap ones).

Well, here is the last of the three switchback albums inspired by Laura Denison.  I titled this one Dragonfly Fairy.  The one special embellishment was the little fairy attached to the spine.

My little niece saw that I had posted my grand-daughter's album so she wanted her's displayed too.  Here is her cover and grandparents page.

Todays post is about great customer service.  I received a reply from Fiskars about my SureCuts paper trimmer.  I was cutting a piece of cardstock and the cutting wire shredded (I guest I was applying to much pressure) anyway, I went online and put in a warranty request.  I received a reply from them yesterday saying they are sending me a replacement.  I love great customer service.

Just starting my night with learning to post to my blog.

A Laura Dension's inspired mini album