Great News!  Great News!  My first video is up on YouTube, Glossing Paper Beads. 

While Youtubing paper beads, I came across recycle newspaper bowls and I gave it a try.  I like how they both came out.  The small one I used a junk mail catalog and gold leaf the top edge.  I have one more to add to this set and one holiday gift is done. 

As I was sitting at my workstation, I thought, it was time to name my studio and what name could I give the place where I store my most Valuable, Art, Utensils that I Love and Treasure.  I got in a VAULT.  So welcome to my studio the VAULT and here is a picture of my new sewing area in it.  At first I used a small IKEA standalone island, as you can see below, it was okay but more Alex drawer units worked better in that corner.

Besides I wanted to move more of my stamps in the studio, needed more drawer storage and still keep my sewing station just in case I feel the need.  The hookup below works better and I got more storage on both sides of the room. 
And in the cubby hole behind the sewing machine I have 5 of these velcro boxes that IKEA had on clearance.  I store my scissor in one, bags of buttons in another and diaper snaps in one more and I have two more spares for now.

I'm done, I can't get another piece of IKEA furniture in here and I making myself deal with what I have.
Here is a pic of the wood storage shelf during the warm months (craft supplies storage boxes) along with the wood stove.  I knew there was a reason for not throwing away that giant tea cup.

Well, I'm trying something new.  When I finish a mini scrapbook album I have to find it a new home.  This one, "Gift of a Secret Garden", is going to find itself going to a member of the yahoo IOCSA group.  First I have to share it here.  It is a paper bag style album.  Love the closure which is a jewerly hitch style clasp combined with chain.  75% complete with the sister album.  That two will find a new home after I post some pics here. 


I've been wanting these Julie Nutting Mix Media Paper Doll stamps every since I seen them two weeks ago.  Well, look what I picked up from The Queen's Ink ( today....

All six of the first set. 
I also got these cool hardware closures....
Recently I also made these hankie bridal dresses for a friend's high tea party last month.  It looks like I'm on the roll again.
  Will be back soon with some Gelli Plate pieces to share. 
 Be creative and share your talent.

Received my We are Memory Envelope Maker.  UPS misplaced it for two weeks but after requesting a tracer I got it yesterday.  I had the corrected measuring template ready to go and now I get to play.

Termra and I took a class with Ann Greenspan ( last weekend at our local Hobby Lobby store and we learned how to make rosette cards.  Well, after we got home Termra could not stop.  Here is a peek of what she created. 

We know someone who is going to have a birthday soon.

A beautiful thank you card. 
If you look harder in the right hand corner you will see a lovely embossed owl.
Well I'm off to put away my purchase haul from today (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AcMoore and JoAnn Fabrics).