While Youtubing paper beads, I came across recycle newspaper bowls and I gave it a try.  I like how they both came out.  The small one I used a junk mail catalog and gold leaf the top edge.  I have one more to add to this set and one holiday gift is done. 

As I was sitting at my workstation, I thought, it was time to name my studio and what name could I give the place where I store my most Valuable, Art, Utensils that I Love and Treasure.  I got in a VAULT.  So welcome to my studio the VAULT and here is a picture of my new sewing area in it.  At first I used a small IKEA standalone island, as you can see below, it was okay but more Alex drawer units worked better in that corner.

Besides I wanted to move more of my stamps in the studio, needed more drawer storage and still keep my sewing station just in case I feel the need.  The hookup below works better and I got more storage on both sides of the room. 
And in the cubby hole behind the sewing machine I have 5 of these velcro boxes that IKEA had on clearance.  I store my scissor in one, bags of buttons in another and diaper snaps in one more and I have two more spares for now.

I'm done, I can't get another piece of IKEA furniture in here and I making myself deal with what I have.