85% complete awaiting the appliance and hood.  Hopefully, I will get all my supplies put away in the studio so I can share My Room.

Just trying to show the kids what life was like for me not too long ago.

Break time now back to work.

Backsplash goes up except for hood area.

Wall of storage (I love it).
Well, I must say that I'm at the 75% mark of completion. Just waiting on the stain to dry on the new door to the studio. The replacement cabinet, granite and appliance should be here next week than I will be finish this project.
Door to new Studio

Island and sink area in kitchen

Pantry Wall (missing one more unit)
Finally, I found a kitchen design that I fell in love with and my kitchenette area is being transformed into my studio.  Here are a few construction pics of my room.

1st day of construction (wall to left was framed & drywalled)

2nd day tile floor laid