Here is a pic of other diaper cake.  This one is a two layer cake but now I'm out of bunny riders.

Next I want to do a Baltimore dirty bird one.
I must say this turned out better than I expected and my customer is sure to love it.

Well like so many others, I can't wait until someone break me off a piece of their millions.  Below is the latest project that I was commission to do.  A rocking horse diaper cake.  I'm 90% complete, just need to add a few embellishments.

I've always wanted to create my own headboard showing my love for life. Well, here is my creation using Ikea's MINUT wall lamp, Erikslund Picture in Frame and just out of the box (2 years old) Cricut Expression.  The safari scene was cut out of black cardstock and tack taped to the wall for easy removal when the time comes.

With the lamp off

With the lamp on (great reading lamp)