Well, today Termra and I decided to made a pair of beaded Barefoot Sandals.  Here is the pair that Termra made.  I need a pedicure before I model mines.

Well here is my second Tall Envelope Album I did for my sister.  I'm so glad I finish this one.  The first travel album I did for her I put on the back burner for now but love how this one came out.  Borrowed Laura's ideal of nesting the tags in the flower bed on the front cover.

I spent my time off today rearranging my desk a little.  I realized that I was not using my copic markers enough to have them on my desk so I move them to the bookcase.  To make room in the bookcase I took out one of the chubby cubbies I made a while back (markers, pencils and small tools holder).  Well, I had some strap paper left from the CrossTalk mini and this is what I did to the Chubby Cubby.

Now, all my clear containers in my studio gets the strap leftovers.