Well, I'm trying something new.  When I finish a mini scrapbook album I have to find it a new home.  This one, "Gift of a Secret Garden", is going to find itself going to a member of the yahoo IOCSA group.  First I have to share it here.  It is a paper bag style album.  Love the closure which is a jewerly hitch style clasp combined with chain.  75% complete with the sister album.  That two will find a new home after I post some pics here. 


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  1. Barb Bass Says:

    Aren't making mini albums addictive? Really like this one. I don't have a blog (not sure how to create one), so unable to show the 5 I have in progress (lol). I'm a crazed woman. I just keep or king on them. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Thankyou, thankyou , thankyou. For the best birthday present I got. I mean it is beautiful. I cant wait to show it off at stamp class. I owe you big time. Vivian

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