I've been wanting these Julie Nutting Mix Media Paper Doll stamps every since I seen them two weeks ago.  Well, look what I picked up from The Queen's Ink (www.queensink.com) today....

All six of the first set. 
I also got these cool hardware closures....
Recently I also made these hankie bridal dresses for a friend's high tea party last month.  It looks like I'm on the roll again.
  Will be back soon with some Gelli Plate pieces to share. 
 Be creative and share your talent.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    Pennie, I love love love the hankie dresses. I also like the stamps you bought, but am on a mission to use some of the stamps I already own. Would love to see what you make with them.

  2. QueenPam Says:

    Love the haul and the hankies...wear do you get the hankies?

  3. QueenPam Says:
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  4. joyce daniels Says:

    of course all your things are very nice ... I just love the hankies ( I collect tea things ) you are right you are on a roll!

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