Let's open another safe deposit box in the Vault and see what I've been playing with here lately.  My sister introduced me to the DIY world of Midori style traveler's notebooks.  I must say for now I'm hooked.  I made her a passport size one out of leather remnants I got at Hobby Lobby and this one I made from a placemat I got at Walmart for myself.

Front view showing wooden butterfly and charms

I used eyelets for elastic holes

Made the pen holder from placemat remnant and rivets

I have enough remaining to make 2 more.  Finished book measures 5 by 6.

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  1. Angel Jem Says:

    That is a brilliant idea; is it a plasticky placemat? How thick is it? I'm guessing it cost a lot less than a MTN! I dream of a red polka dot notebook, but I haven't had chance to find anything red polka dot and suitable yet. I hadn't thought of placemats, so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Angel, thanks for taking the time to look. It is plasticky and it is about 1/8" thick. The placemat cost $1.94 and I got 3 out of it. I just mailed my little sister hers Saturday. Red polka dot, I keep my eye out too. Soon I will be uploading my DIY on the magnetic bookmark clips..

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